E-Program: Business

13 DNA (12 DNA +1) Activation for the transition into the 5. dimension – Super Living E-Programs / 13 DNS (12 DNS +1) Aktivierung für den Übergang in die 5. Dimension


The successful and targeted
Business and Commerce Super Living Program

These efficient Business Super Living Programs
have been programmed
specially for companies, businesses and factories
and have been tailored to your exact needs.

It is programmed for the companies,
which want to improve explicit their performance
and want to achieve in the business the BEST OF THE BEST!


We program your individual Business Super Living Program specially
according to the needs and concerns of your company - such as increasing of the sales volume, the working atmosphere, the employee turnover and others.
Thereby we focus intensively on the issues where you put your priorities and you determine as your business goals.
Even because of this large extent and scale these programs are so unique.
They are for your company like the perfect blueprint of information to which your company is adapting more and more and where your goals and intentions will be more and more your manifested and lived reality.
These Business Super Living Programs include approximately 18.000 programmed entries at the moment.

Because your desires and concerns are very individual,
you will get your individual cost estimate from us before.

We have made the procedure much easier for you now:
When you send us the enquiry e-mail and after we have received and accepted your request, you will receive from us a cost estimate for setting up your personal Business Super Living Program.
The ongoing subscription costs are instead of € 5.50/day! (€ 165.00/month) -
which you choose yourself and vote with us.

After you have sent us the amount for the set-up costs
and the subscription costs for the first month,
then we create according to your needs and wishes
your own unique Business Super Living Program.
This allows you the full access to the best available pool of 18.000 programmed information – and that 24 hours every day!

It offers you the best basis and the best conditions
to change and to replace step by step your own old (and not according to your goals) information patterns and structures.

Therefore, please it is important, to make your statements very accurately in the enquiry e-mail -
especially it relates to the goals that you set and write for yourself.


For the enquiry please write in the e-mail:

Your Name
Your E-Mail-Address
Company name
Business field (aircraft production, bakery, cafe, bureau of insurance, institute,...)
Your position in the company (owner, chairman, managing director,...)
Option: Date of establishment of the company (as accurate as known)
Option: Business location (for geomancy and Feng-Shui programs)
Option: For what specific business area would you like to have the programs? (eg: to improve the work environment, increasing of the production capacity, increasing of sales, employee motivation, employee turnover, stress reduction and other)
Option: Your specific concerns and desires to your topic
Option: What are the goals you want to achieve with the help of the programs? (Here write it please FOR YOURSELF exactly, precise and concrete!)
Option: Link with the Best Life Color Therapies


You can get more information to the Super Living Programs
on our website - www.superliving.e-add.com


Of course, there is also an excellent possibility
of the combination with the Deluxe Best Life Color Therapies.

For your individual color therapy and the combination
with your Super Living Program please contact us here:
Contact – Deluxe Color-Therapy:

If you have found a special favor for one of the Business Color Therapies,
then please contact us, and we will create for you - according to this color therapy -
your own individual Business Deluxe Color Therapy,
which we will connect with your Business Super Living Program.
Please contact us here:
Contact – Deluxe Color Therapy:

Here you can come directly to the Business Color Therapies:
To the Business Best Life Color Therapies:


Here we have something very special for you,
where you can profit extraordinary:
The 13 DNA (12 DNA +1) Spinal Adjustment Therapy
for the transition into the 5. dimension – CLICK HERE:

There you can see more information
about the 13 DNA, 12 DNA +1, 12x12 DNA, 144 DNA +1 strand systems

Here additionally more information to the 13 DNA strand system:
The science is discovering still more in this area / 13 DNA are 12 DNA +1, and in a precise observation each one of the 12 DNA has 12 additive finer levels, that are 12x12 DNA, it means altogether 144 DNA +1.
This 1 single DNA is absolute an unique DNA, different from all the others, with a special line of action - some parts for communication within the holistic oneness - specially for the determination of the consolidated direction of growth and development - especially for the highest spiritual adolescence.

Here some more to this so major topic:
The 13th DNA strand overlaid on the 12th DNA strand system then permits the individual to be empowered. The 12 are the foundation and tools, the 13th is the “Itself.”
It is love as the Highest Consciousness resurrected in each individual with the potential to increase its vibratory rate to invoke universal healing. Unlike the 12 strand system, each 13th strand is completely unique. The 13th DNA strand connects one from the earth plane to the God-Self, as love source that assists so the veils of separation will be lifted.
When working with the 13th DNA strand, the real goal a person is seeking is to integrate the 12 DNA (12x12= 144 DNA) strand areas of mastery they have chosen into their Spirit or Essence. When complete and in Harmony, the human being has succeeded in making a leap of personal evolution. It is now ONE. When this happens a new area of mastery comes into being.
The 13th DNA strand is also the communicator focus. In all instances the 13th strand is the strand of love, and is designed to integrate Spirit, mind and body. We all came from the same Spirit. The origin of our being is included in every single 13th strand.
Therefore even though 2 people might be of totally different areas of knowledge about the world, each would also be aware of their uniqueness and relation to each other as they both have above all the same primary Creator. They could then work on integrating and exchanging information, because they could relate on a higher frequency level of their being.
This 13th strand of complete love is woven throughout the 12 strands of DNA, thus imprinting the Divine Blueprint, Spirit’s blueprint, the innate being of everybody of us which has stemmed from the source, the beginning - the day one of creation.
So then every human being can fully bring out and manifest its own inimitable holistic BEAUTY and uniqueness and live it in every moment and with every single breath.


We wish you a lot of JOY, SUCCESS and very quick ACHIEVEMENT
OF YOUR BEST BUSINESS GOALS with your Business Super Living Program.



The ongoing subscription billing is monthly - your individual price/month, will be automatically renewed and will debite your account at that the day of the each month when you have logged in for the first time. You always have the option to cancel the subscription - Contact